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  1. Hey UNO Planning Students! I am a student in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Jackson State University and want to get you some information on our Student Planning Conference occurring March 25-26, 2011. We currently have a Call for Papers out to solicit student participation in this event. If you can get back in touch with me, I’ll email you a flyer with details. Thanks!

  2. Hello-
    My name is Bobby Evans. I am considering applying to the University of New Orleans for a Master’s in Urban Planning. Would someone be willing to speak with me on the phone about the school? I really look forward to hearing from someone.



    • Hey Bobby,

      I’m a student in the MURP program and would be glad to talk to you about it. I run the blog here and just saw your comment. Call me whenever you want…619-804-1314.
      Thanks for your interest! – Carl Seifert

    • Rexter,
      We generally post on this blog and/or the twitter feed (crescentcityshapers) about happy hours. We generally hold them every couple of weeks. You are welcome to meet us there. Are you a student or potential student?

      • I’d love to hear when you guys are having another event. It was just by luck and my eavesdropping habits that I heard about the one last Friday.

      • Em,
        The organized happy hours usually take a fairly good break during summer vacation as students are off doing research, internships, jobs, more classes, etc. We advertize these happy hours to the MURP student population through department emails and then post them here on the blog. There should be some coming up soon as school is just about to begin again! Hope to see you at one soon!
        Carl Seifert

  3. Hello-
    We are a group of seven students from Roskilde University in Denmark. We are attending the fourth semester of a social science bachelor, and we write to you because we are in the midst of a project about the rebuilding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. In the course of this project we will visit New Orleans, on the 21st March – 3rd April 2011, to collect empirical data and to experience the city for ourselves.
    Our focus in the project, deals with the allocation of responsibilities between the public and private sphere in urban planning after Katrina, and what opportunities there is under these conditions, to create a sustainable urban development which both promotes economic growth as well as includes the city’s most vulnerable citizens.
    During our stay in New Orleans, we wish to talk to students studying social science, urban planning or other fields that in some way or form concerns some of the aspects of rebuilding the city. Furthermore we would very much like to visit both good and bad examples of redevelopment accompanied by students, if this in any way is possible.

    Therefore we would very much appreciate, if you could put us in contact with like-minded students or help us find someone who might be interested in talking with us.

    Best regards from Denmark,
    Sabina Thulin, Mette Skouenborg, Laura Pedersen, Stine Hansen, Josefine Duer, Jacob Jørgensen and Leeroy West.

    • Leeroy,
      I do sincerely apologize for not getting back to you in time for your trip ( or many months after for that matter). This blog is mostly a message board for events and has little interactivity, so I didn’t check who posted on it for several months. Anyway, if you need contacts with people familiar with this research area, then I can probably help you out with that. Please email me at Ceseifert [at] gmail [dot] com. I hope you had a fruitful trip! Cheers,
      Carl Seifert

  4. Hi, my name is Sofie. I’m planning on applying for the MURP at UNO and was wondering if someone could help me out with some application-questions: Since I’m from Europe I’m not really familiar with US-apllication process and wanted to know what to focus on. What are the pivotal things in such an application? And who are the people deciding?
    Also I’d like to know how hard it actually is to get into that program? About how many do apply and how many make it in?

    • Sofie,
      I apologize sincerely on the lack of reply on this comment. Especially as it appears that it was time sensitive. I hope you are still interested in applying to the program and that an untimely response by a distracted and otherwise busy blog master won’t deter you. For questions like these the best person to contact is Marla Nelson, our graduate student coordinator ( She is far more capable of answering these questions than I am, but I’ll make a quick attempt for posterity’s sake.
      Focus on your experience and what you want to get out of the program. Graduate programs are usually matches between interests, research focus, where you want to practice planning, and the ability to pay for the education. Getting into our program is not as hard as some other programs, at least thats a feel I have with little hard evidence to back it up. It is a growing program that has steadily attracted more national caliber students with more extensive knowledge and research aspirations. Hurricane Katrina has brought in more and more students interested in the unique disaster recovery position New Orleans is in. I have no idea how many people apply, but I’d say that in between 40 and 80 students start each fall which includes part and full time students. Sofie, I hope this finds you well.
      Carl Seifert, CCS webguy and MetroAPA liaison.

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