Crescent City Shaper Leadership positions

All MURP students are encouraged to think about being in a leadership position with Crescent City Shapers. This student organization is very flexible, but can be a way: to network with other students and professionals around the region, to contribute to the local community through outreach, and to enrich your learning experience while at UNO. If you have great ideas or are interested in having more responsibility, please don’t hesitate to email Bridget Tydor at
Below is more information about these leadership roles.
The 5 positions that we suggest:
1. President
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Education/Outreach
5. Community Service Events
The President decides the agenda for the year, sets the dates/times for meetings and attends a majority of events and acts as the (Chapter APA liaison) (should be entering 2nd year)
The Secretary would be responsible for Online communication as well as taking notes during the meetings. (1st year)
Treasurer handles the money (1st year)
Education/Outreach Officer is responsible for social events and lunch & learns (these include Metro APA), it is also their responsibility to inform the secretary of outside events in the city so they can be announced Online and In Person (preferably 2nd year)
Community Service Officer should be more a focus this year, since it is required at Tulane and is a non-alcoholic way to socialize with classmates! (1st/2nd)
We need leadership to move forward! Cheers,
CCS Executive Committee

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