Meet new CCS Treasurer- Rachel Beasley!

Hello all planning students! I’d like to take a second of your time to introduce myself as your new treasurer of the Crescent City Shapers. My name is Rachel Beasley and I’m a first year graduate planning student. I’m originally from the wonderful state of Ohio (more specifically Cincinnati). For my undergraduate study, I went to Miami University (Oxford, OH) and received a B.A. in International Studies. Although Ohio is very majestic, I left this state in 2004. For the past 6 years I’ve lived in San Francisco, Niger, France and now New Orleans. I moved to San Francisco on whim, with no job or place to live; a pioneer in my own right. From 2004-2006, I worked in San Francisco as a case clerk in a law firm. Then in 2006, I joined the Peace Corps and was flown off to the West African country of Niger (more or less my choice). In Niger, I worked as a Community and Youth Education Volunteer. After the Peace Corps, I taught English in Annecy, France for 7 months. Impressive? Potentially, but in all honesty it was just my way of figuring out parts of my life, case in point. This travel has led me to where I am now. It was the Peace Corps that introduced me to urban planning; in my second year of service, a group of new volunteers arrived, some with a planning background. While in France, my curiosity to this subject matured, especially while talking with my French colleagues about the differences between US and French cities/towns. When I arrived back in the US to high unemployment, I decided to apply to school for urban planning. I am looking forward to serving all of you as the treasurer of CCS. Please feel free to approach me with any questions or concerns regarding your Student Organization; I am very approachable and enjoy conversation! Cheers.


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