CCS going to Candlelight Lounge to hear Treme Brass Band

CCS is inviting everyone to the Candlelight Lounge on Wednesday at 10pm.  We know this seems like odd and inconvenient time to go out and socialize, but that is wrong.  The Treme Brass Band plays every Wednesday at 10pm in heart of the Historic Treme at the Candlelight Lounge for $5.  If you haven’t seen a local brass band play or if you haven’t been to the Treme yet this is a great time to do so.  If you have done both you know how much fun it is, so we expect to see you there.

Candlelight Lounge
925 N Robertson St.
New Orleans, LA

Jeremy M Walton


Meeting Minutes 10.18.2010 posted

We meet every two weeks and discuss where CCS is going, update progress, and brainstorm. Meeting minutes attached.

Happy Hour at Mimi’s on Friday @7!

With Mid-Term week upon us, we at the CCS thought that a celebratory happy hour on Friday was in order.  The last happy hour was a great time and this one should be no different.  So lets all toast the end of Mid Terms this Friday, October 15th at 7pm at Mimi’s in the Marigny.  Mimi’s is a great establishment and if you haven’t made it to the Marigny yet, it is an excellent neighborhood.  Mimi’s does serve tasty food for all those interested.  Mimi’s is located at 2601 Royal Street, see everyone on Friday!

CCS Executive Board October Newsletter

For those of you that don’t know, Crescent City Shapers is the Urban and Regional Planning Student Organization on campus.  We act both as a resource for the students and a liaison between the university and national planning professionals.  We organize educational events, volunteer projects, and social happenings.  All of us in CCS realize that between work, internships, classes, families, and everything else that you’re busy, but we encourage you to participate in the events we plan, since we coordinate them for you.  If you have any ideas for events, comments or other suggestions, please let us know!

To keep everybody informed of what has been going on and upcoming events, we are going to be creating a monthly newsletter.  These newsletters will be short, only two pages, with headings so you can easily scan over them.  Attached is the Oct Newsletter.  If you have items you would like posted in future newsletters, let a CCS member know.

CCS Oct Newsletter