National APA Conference — you can attend free of charge!

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Everyone’s been talking about it and you don’t want to be left out! The National APA Conference is coming to New Orleans April 10-13!! Exciting panels, workshops, student posters, and more, as well as the thing we all need: a JOB FAIR.

To register, go to where you can register online, or download the form to mail/fax. The APA student member price is $100. Note: on February 18 the price of the conference will go up from $100 for students to $120. After March 11, it will jump to $140. Sign up now!

To attend the conference without having to pay for it, students must register to be a student volunteer. In order to do this, you must first be a student APA member. Next, you need to register for the conference. This means that you will have to pay the registration fee of $100 up front. You will be notified of the hours that you will work. Once you complete your 8 hours of volunteering at the conference, you will be reimbursed $100 on-site. Note: If you fail to register for the conference by the February 18 date and have to pay the $120 fee, you will still only be reimbursed $100.

Especially important — the sooner you register to be a volunteer, the greater the chance that you will have a spot. Everyone wants to do this since it saves $100, but there is a limit to the amount of volunteers they can use.

Student volunteer forms are due MARCH 9.


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