CCS Executive Council Minutes 11/12/09


  • Business Cards
    • Ready for action! Buy Now!
    • $40 for 100 cards
    • Email Alexis
    • Can pay cash, check, ect
    • Money due by December 2nd
    • Lunch & Learn
      • Bridgette has it together
      • November 17th Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. in Millenburg Hall
        • With David Fields on Preservation
        • APA
          • M.I.A.
          • Need updates, not sure what’s going on here
          • Community Outreach
            •  Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association/ Saints Games
              • First event didn’t go so well
              • May abandon association if organization does not prove legitimacy soon
  • St. Bernard Project
    • Still working toward a February 2010 build in Gentilly, updates to come
    • Canned Food Drive
      • Working on getting box in Urban Planning Hall/floor
      • Going to ask students to give their canned goods to any executive member during classes
      • Collect goods from individual members later, decide where we are going to allocate them
      • Also may be a good idea to tally up how much we’ve collected, where we’re giving them in order to give students a summary of their success/ prove we weren’t eating their veggies
      • NEXT FRIDAY! PANEL 11/20
        • 6-8pm
        • In Kirschman hall
        • Start pushing flyers early next week, if you would like a copy of the file so you can print out flyers to share email Keely
        • Facebook event will be set up: attn Keely
        • Be there or be square please!
        • Charity Panel, to occur at UNO?!
          • Public Health Masters Graduate Student organized event
          • Tulane and Loyola student organizations
          • December 3rd 7-9pm
          • Can’t have event at Tulane due to the fact that this event is in the sole support of Charity
          • Pushing to get this large event, media 500+ people to occur on the UNO campus
          • Also pushing to get CCS and the Action Coalition on the board along with the Tulane/Loyola organizations in order to give UNO students some leverage/representation
          • Updates in general
            • Please stay in contact with members of CCS, let us know what you’re working on ect so we can keep the communication level high
            • Feel free to involve other students who are interested in taking the initiative with CCS events
            • Mayor’s Race
              • How do we decide which mayor we’re supporting?
                • Student survey? Maybe an online one that could be published in the weekly campus newsletter email so that all students would have an opportunity to fill it out?
  • CCS table outside of the library to get visibility and get information from students in regards to what they’re looking for in a mayor, aka further surveying
  • Mayor’s Race event in April, more official actual event would occur closer to this date
    • Possibly movie night with a fraternity/sorority?
  • In mean time get surveying and conversation going
  • There are a lot of candidates, (ex: Nadia Ramsey, former judge) so there is a lot of research/surveying to do
  • Membership Conversation
    • Set up monthly meeting with general membership in order to keep communication going outside of happy hour events
    • Will start in December
    • Also give opportunity to individual members to take on initiatives
    • Facebook
      • Alexis- get one!
      • Keely working on business card events, other events in order to get better awareness in regards to who’s attending who’s not
      • Get more facebook friends, get people interested in attending CCS events!
      • Other, ect
        • Undergraduate professional development?
        • Perhaps in tandem with graduate one?
        • Keep thinking and let us know your thoughts!

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