2009 Lunch & Learns

Hello Crescent City Shapers,

Lunch & Learns will be beginning this month! Just so you know what to expect for the year we will follow some basic time, place, and date guidelines:


Place-351 Milneburg Hall

Date-Wednesdays (once a month, but 2 for November)

The idea is to give you a break from class and a chance to hear about current work in an area related to Urban Planning from those already involved in the field.

Bring your own lunch. Relax for an hour. Get to know something new!

Here are my general ideas of topics for the year

Oct/early Nov-Housing Blight (a spooky issue)

Nov-Transit (bicycles, buses, trolleys)

Dec-Parks & Recreation (a great time of year for parks)

Jan-Smart Growth (time to think about the future)

Feb-Architecture (fall in love with the look of New Orleans)

March-Gardening/Slow food (spring into action with fresh produce)

April-Environmental Awareness (solar, wind, water, power, etc)


Please be sure to email me if you have any other topics or speakers you are interested in hearing about and from. I will be emailing everyone with the specifics as each Lunch & Learn gets closer…so look forward to hearing from me soon!

Bridget Tydor

Education Officer



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