CCS Executive Council Minutes 11/12/09


  • Business Cards
    • Ready for action! Buy Now!
    • $40 for 100 cards
    • Email Alexis
    • Can pay cash, check, ect
    • Money due by December 2nd
    • Lunch & Learn
      • Bridgette has it together
      • November 17th Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. in Millenburg Hall
        • With David Fields on Preservation
        • APA
          • M.I.A.
          • Need updates, not sure what’s going on here
          • Community Outreach
            •  Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association/ Saints Games
              • First event didn’t go so well
              • May abandon association if organization does not prove legitimacy soon
  • St. Bernard Project
    • Still working toward a February 2010 build in Gentilly, updates to come
    • Canned Food Drive
      • Working on getting box in Urban Planning Hall/floor
      • Going to ask students to give their canned goods to any executive member during classes
      • Collect goods from individual members later, decide where we are going to allocate them
      • Also may be a good idea to tally up how much we’ve collected, where we’re giving them in order to give students a summary of their success/ prove we weren’t eating their veggies
      • NEXT FRIDAY! PANEL 11/20
        • 6-8pm
        • In Kirschman hall
        • Start pushing flyers early next week, if you would like a copy of the file so you can print out flyers to share email Keely
        • Facebook event will be set up: attn Keely
        • Be there or be square please!
        • Charity Panel, to occur at UNO?!
          • Public Health Masters Graduate Student organized event
          • Tulane and Loyola student organizations
          • December 3rd 7-9pm
          • Can’t have event at Tulane due to the fact that this event is in the sole support of Charity
          • Pushing to get this large event, media 500+ people to occur on the UNO campus
          • Also pushing to get CCS and the Action Coalition on the board along with the Tulane/Loyola organizations in order to give UNO students some leverage/representation
          • Updates in general
            • Please stay in contact with members of CCS, let us know what you’re working on ect so we can keep the communication level high
            • Feel free to involve other students who are interested in taking the initiative with CCS events
            • Mayor’s Race
              • How do we decide which mayor we’re supporting?
                • Student survey? Maybe an online one that could be published in the weekly campus newsletter email so that all students would have an opportunity to fill it out?
  • CCS table outside of the library to get visibility and get information from students in regards to what they’re looking for in a mayor, aka further surveying
  • Mayor’s Race event in April, more official actual event would occur closer to this date
    • Possibly movie night with a fraternity/sorority?
  • In mean time get surveying and conversation going
  • There are a lot of candidates, (ex: Nadia Ramsey, former judge) so there is a lot of research/surveying to do
  • Membership Conversation
    • Set up monthly meeting with general membership in order to keep communication going outside of happy hour events
    • Will start in December
    • Also give opportunity to individual members to take on initiatives
    • Facebook
      • Alexis- get one!
      • Keely working on business card events, other events in order to get better awareness in regards to who’s attending who’s not
      • Get more facebook friends, get people interested in attending CCS events!
      • Other, ect
        • Undergraduate professional development?
        • Perhaps in tandem with graduate one?
        • Keep thinking and let us know your thoughts!

Order your business cards today!

Get your business cards ready, the APA Conference is just around the corner and this is a great opportunity to make some key connections.  What’s that?  You don’t have a business card?  Well, don’t delay an order yours today from the Crescent City Shapers.

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Phone (work):

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Email (work):

Email (personal):

Title in Crescent City Shapers:  member/president/etc.

Program:  Doctoral/Graduate

***All orders are due before Monday, December 7, 2009***

**Your cards will not be ordered until payment is made, which will be arranged between you and** Angela or Alexis.


Lunch & Learn 2009

Hello Crescent City Shapers,

The Lunch & Learn Series will be beginning this month. Here are the time, date, and place details.


Date-Weekdays (once a month, but two in November)

Place-351 Milneburg Hall

The idea is to come relax during your lunch hour (brown bag it) and learn about an aspect of Urban Planning from someone who is already working in the field.

Here are my ideas of topics for the year…If you would like to hear about a particular topic or from a particular speaker, feel free to email me.

Tuesday, November 17–David Fields

Tuesday, November 24–Angela Parsons

Wednesday, December 2–Bob Brecker

Jan-Smart Growth (think of the future)

Feb- Architecture (fall in love with the look of New Orleans)

March-Gardening/Slow Food (spring into action with fresh new ideas)

April-Environmental Awareness (new options for energy are everywhere)


As each event gets closer, you will be receiving emails from me with all  the details.

Bridget Tydor

Education Officer

2009 Lunch & Learns

Hello Crescent City Shapers,

Lunch & Learns will be beginning this month! Just so you know what to expect for the year we will follow some basic time, place, and date guidelines:


Place-351 Milneburg Hall

Date-Wednesdays (once a month, but 2 for November)

The idea is to give you a break from class and a chance to hear about current work in an area related to Urban Planning from those already involved in the field.

Bring your own lunch. Relax for an hour. Get to know something new!

Here are my general ideas of topics for the year

Oct/early Nov-Housing Blight (a spooky issue)

Nov-Transit (bicycles, buses, trolleys)

Dec-Parks & Recreation (a great time of year for parks)

Jan-Smart Growth (time to think about the future)

Feb-Architecture (fall in love with the look of New Orleans)

March-Gardening/Slow food (spring into action with fresh produce)

April-Environmental Awareness (solar, wind, water, power, etc)


Please be sure to email me if you have any other topics or speakers you are interested in hearing about and from. I will be emailing everyone with the specifics as each Lunch & Learn gets closer…so look forward to hearing from me soon!

Bridget Tydor

Education Officer

Not your ordinary TOD

Ready your quarters….Transit Oriented Drinks is next week:  Friday, November 13, 2009.  Ask a 2nd year MURP and they’ll tell you:  taking transit was never so fun!  This event, deeply rooted in planning theory and modern transportation planning ideals, is a great opportunity to socialize with your colleagues, familiarize with yourself with the various modes of public transit as well as some of the city’s finest drinking establishments.  Don’t miss out and make sure you’re at the first stop.  All the details can be found below.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Start:  *5:30 pm, Balcony Bar, 3201 Magazine Street.

First mode of transit:  Magazine street bus, Magazine St. and 7th St., to leave at 6:26, 6:56, 7:26, or 7:56 (just in case we leave someone in the bathroom).  Ride this all the way to canal. 

Second mode of transit: Yo’ Feet!  Walk four blocks up Canal Street.  Make a left onto Baronne Street.  The next stop will be on your left barely a block up. 

Next Stop:  *7:30 pm, The Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel, 123 Baronne Street,

Third mode of transit:  Canal Streetcar, Canal and Rampart Street, to leave at 8:12, 8:48, 8:58, 9:08, 9:20, or 10:08 (in case you get caught talking politics).   Ride this all the way to the Canal Cemeteries.

Final Stop: *9:30pm, Mid City Bulldog, 51355 Canal Street,

Getting Home:  Call a cab or take the streetcar from whence you came—it leaves from the Canal Cemeteries at 10:49, 11:09, 12:09, 12:29, 1:49, and 2:49.