LW9 Volunteer Schedule

Below you will find the game days volunteers are need to work concessions in support of the Lower 9th Ward Homeowner’s Association and their efforts to help residents of the Lower 9th Ward return home and rebuild their community.  Show some love for our Lower 9th Ward community and put a game or two (or more) down in your schedule.  Questions?  Reach out to LaVita Tuff:  lavita.tuff@gmail.com

11/8 Sunday Saints vs Panthers 3pm SUPERDOME 10am/11am
11/13 Friday Hornets vs Trail Blazers 7pm ARENA 4pm
11/17 Tuesday Hornets vs Clippers 7pm ARENA 4pm
11/19 Thursday Hornets vs Suns 7pm ARENA 4pm
11/21 Saturday Hornets vs Hawks 7pm ARENA 4pm
11/25 Wednesday Hornets vs Bucks 7pm ARENA 4pm
11/27 Friday Battle of the Bands 7pm SUPERDOME 2pm/3pm
11/28 Saturday Bayou Classic 1pm SUPERDOME 8am/9am
11/30 Monday Saints vs Patriots 7:30pm SUPERDOME 2:30pm/3:30pm
12/4 Friday Hornets vs Timberwolves 7pm ARENA 4pm
12/8 Tuesday Hornets vs Kings 7pm ARENA 4pm
12/11 Friday Hornets vs Knicks 7pm ARENA 4pm
12/16 Wednesday Hornets vs Pistons 7pm ARENA 4pm
12/18 Friday Hornets vs Nuggets 7pm ARENA 4pm
12/19 Saturday Saints vs Cowboys 7:15pm SUPERDOME 2:15pm/3:15pm
12/23 Wednesday Hornets vs Warriors 7pm ARENA 4pm
12/27 Sunday Saints vs Buccaneers 12pm SUPERDOME 7am/8am
12/30 Wednesday Hornets vs Heat 7pm ARENA 4pm
1/1/10 Friday Sugar Bowl 7pm SUPERDOME 2pm/3pm



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