Dr. Lance Hill @ UNO Friday, November 6, 2009

The Action Coalition will be hosting Dr. Lance Hill on Friday evening, November 6th from 6-8pm in Milneburg Hall 351 and all Crescent City Shapers are welcome to attend.   That’s next Friday!!  Food and beverages will be provided, but potluck donations are kindly appreciated.

Dr. Lance Hill is a history professor at Tulane University, a lifelong activist, and the executive director of the Southern Institute for Education and Research (SIER).  The SIER is a highly esteemed non-profit “race relations center dedicated to improving ethnic relations in the Deep South through tolerance education and communications training”.  Dr. Hill will begin the evening with an overview of events since Hurricane Katrina that created racial antagonisms and the “exclusionist movement” in the recovery of New Orleans.  After this, he will guide us in understanding some of the various theoretical strategies for antiracist organizing and communication.  Building both the theoretical and historical perspectives on how to effectively engage in interethnic dialogue will be invaluable for any work that the Action Coalition does in the greater New Orleans metropolitan area.

If you are interested in joining this amazing evening, please RSVP with me so that we can effectively plan the logistics.

Please RSVP to Joel Devalcourt at jadevalcourt@gmail.com




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