Great Success!



The people have spoken and the amendments to the constitution have passed.  Thank you for coming out and voting!  Curious what you voted for???  Check out the recently amended constitution below:


Department of Planning and Urban Studies (PLUS ) Student Organization


Article I           Name

The name of this organization shall be the Crescent City Shapers, from here on out known as CCS.


Article II  Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to provide a networking, social, and academic environment for students in the Department of Planning and Urban Studies in which to enhance their experience while studying in PLUS.



                        Section 1:         Membership is open to all students enrolled in PLUS , full or part-time.

                        Section 2:         Active members shall be enrolled students and elected officers.


Article III        Officers

                        Section 1:         Only active members are eligible to hold office within CCS.

Section 2:         New officers will be elected once in the academic year, for the duration of two semesters.

Section 3:         The elected officers and duties that follow are as presented below.  Just because a duty is not listed in this constitution does not mean that it does not exist.  Additional duties are to be determined by the President:


  1. Presides over and schedules all meetings.
  2. Appoints members to chair committees.
  3. Will cast deciding vote in the case of a tie.


  1. Will act and assume all duties of the president in his or her absence.
  2. Will advise all committees and recruitment.


  1. Will keep accurate minutes of each meeting, and make them available upon request.
  2. Will advise all committees and recruitment.


  1. Will maintain organization finances.

APA State Laison

  1. Will communicate social, educational, professional, and volunteer opportunities available through the State APA to CCS.  

APA Local Laison

  1. Will communicate social, educational, professional, and volunteer opportunities available through the local APA chapter.

Section 4:         Election of Officers

  1. Only active members can run for office and vote in elections
  2. Only students who maintain a 2.0 or better grade point average and who are enrolled in 6 or more semester hours may seek election.
  3. If vacancies shall arise new officers will be elected at the next meeting.

Section 5:         If positions remain open after elections, the President may appoint those positions to any member of CCS, including members already holding positions in the Executive Committee with the approval of the majority of the Executive Committee

Article IV        Advisors

Section1:          There shall be a member of the UNO faculty or staff who will serve as the PLUSS advisor.


Article V          Quorum, Meetings, and Voting

                        Section 1:         A board quorum shall exist of at least 3 officers.

Section 2:         Meetings will be held once a month, emergency meetings will be held when deemed necessary by a majority of the officers.

Section 3:         To pass a proposal a simple majority of those present is necessary.

Section 4:         All meetings will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.


Article VI        Financial Structure

                        Section 1:         There will be no dues unless voted upon by the officers.


Article VII       Impeachment

Section 1:         An officer may be removed from office due to negligence of duty, inefficiency in officer of any other action which is considered detrimental to the name or purpose of the organization.  An officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire active membership, present and voting, at a meeting of an organization.


Article VIII      Amendments

Section 1:         Amendments must be distributed in writing to the membership at least one week prior to the vote.





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