Meeting Announcement: Action Coalition for Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice

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Welcome back PLUS students!!!,

To set the stage for a wonderful semester, I am announcing the arrival of a new student organization called the Action Coalition for Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice. The Action Coalition will be holding its first meeting on Wednesday, September 9th from 5-6pm in Milneburg Hall room 351. After that, we will hold meetings every other Wednesday evening at 5pm (unless we find a better time to get more people involved). In our first meeting, we will introduce the organization (and each other) and discuss ideas for upcoming events throughout the year. We welcome everyone to our meetings so please spread the word to all who might be interested.

Contact me if you have any questions at or (831) 421-2739.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there,
Joel Devalcourt


CCS Executive Committee Elections

Crescent City Shapers is holding elections for the following positions. Please review the position descriptions and nominate yourself by emailing your name, desired position, and a short bio that explains your interest in the position to We will be accepting nominations until noon on Monday September 7th, 2009!


1. Presides over and schedules all meetings.
2. Appoints members to chair committees.
3. Sets annual goals and dictates the official duties of each selected chair.
4. Will cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.
5. The term of service is one year.

The President will be responsible for carrying out the CCS mission: to be the voice of the students, to provide a meeting ground for networking and socializing and to foster personal and professional development among our members and partners. To be successful, the President and the executive committee must dedicate as much time as it takes to accomplish each year’s stated goals; goals that the President should articulate early on in his/her term. In order for CCS to be sustainable, the President must work closely with faculty and staff in the Department of Planning and Urban Studies and within the leadership of the greater university, including the Student Government Association, to obtain resources for programmed events. The President may be called on at anytime to speak on behalf of the student members and therefore must be comfortable with addressing large crowds. In that same vein, the President must maintain open and direct dialogue with all who are associated with the organization. This position is open to anyone who has been a member of CCS for at least one semester. Previous leadership experience is preferred, but not necessary.

Social and Fundraising Chair:

The Social/Fundraising Chair of the Crescent City Shapers is responsible for organizing and advertising, in conjunction with the Outreach Chair, various social events throughout the year. Included among these events are an annual holiday party, a recurring “Transit Oriented Drinks” happy hour, and an annual pot luck picnic fundraiser. Other events include beginning of semester gatherings and any coordination of students to attend various planning-related events throughout the city. The Social/Fundraising Chair is also responsible for posting events and information on the CCS blog and distributing informational emails to the students and faculty.

Community Outreach Officer:

The Outreach Officer is responsible for connecting PLUS students with volunteer opportunities that reflect the interests of planners and those studying urban environments while simultaneously extending the reach, influence, and positive impact of the University of New Orleans and its students on the larger community. The Outreach Officer has the discretion to decide which events and volunteer opportunities are appropriate for the program and worthwhile. The Outreach Officer shall post (or shall have posted by another) an announcement to the Crescent City Shapers website (weblog or otherwise) about selected volunteer opportunities in a timely manner. The Officer shall also send e-mail notification to the PLUS e-mail chain in addition to any other forms of advertisement to ensure the desired level of participation in selected events. The Outreach Officer shall circulate a list (to contain names of students and their contact information) at a group meeting or other venue in order to generate a pool of interested potential volunteers for selected (whether undefined or specific) events and opportunities.
An example of a selected event in the past: students participated in a renovation project in the Holy Cross neighborhood in which a couple from New York was rehabilitating a home at-cost to then sell to a storm-afflicted former resident eager to return.

APA State Liaison:

This position should be filled by a second year CCS member who is familiar with APA conferences and CCS activities. The delegate must be a current APA member and UNO student. This position comes with the responsibility of being an active, voting member for both CCS Executive Committee and the LA State APA Executive Committee. The delegate will have responsibilities to both committees.

• attending all meetings with the State of Louisiana APA section typically held by conference call once a month
• liaise with the National APA and the Regional Student Representative Executive Council. For the 2009/2010 school year our regional representative is Anita Hollmann at Texas A & M University (
• attend the National APA Conference, attend all student related activities and vote for Regional Student Representative for Region III
• organize National APA Conference trip for UNO students and file proposal for financial support with LA-APA
• write articles reflecting CCS activities for the LA-APA quarterly newsletter
• collect articles from student’s who attended the National Conference with compensation
• assist Metro Liaison with state conference volunteers (secondary responsibility)

New Orleans Metro APA Liaison:

Preferably the incumbent would fill this position for two years, the first year liaising with the New Orleans APA and the second year with the state. The delegate must be a current APA member and UNO student. This position comes with the responsibility of being an active, voting member for both CCS Executive Committee and the New Orleans Metro APA Executive Committee. The delegate will have responsibilities to both committees.

• assist the State Liaison with National Conference activities
• attend meetings with the New Orleans Metro Committee including special events throughout the year (this might require setup and tear down for events)
• organize student volunteers for each monthly luncheon for the Metro APA (coordinate with the president of that committee)
• work with the State Liaison to organize student volunteers for the LA State APA conference (primary responsibility)

Education Officer:

The Education Officer is responsible for developing educational programs to complement Planning and Urban Studies curriculum. This generally includes recruiting speakers for Crescent City Shapers meetings and on-campus seminars. The Education Officer is responsible for promoting and coordinating all aspects of the programs.

Secretary/ Treasurer:

The secretary/treasurer records meeting minutes and tracks the Crescent City Shapers’ finances. The secretary/treasurer has access to the CCS bank account.

Just another reminder, Nominations are due by NOON on Monday, September 7, 2009!