Student Spotlight: Darin A.

Darin graduated is Fall 2008 with his bachelor’s degree. We caught up with him recently to find out more….
So Darin, What’s Next?

Right now I’m working for the Pedestrian Bicycle Resource Initiative, making maps and maintaining our website at I’m also working on a zine called Geography of Robots that deals pretty heavily with planning, ecology, alternative suburban geographies, and the post-industrial city. I’m riding my bike all over the place and swimming in as many hotel pools and bayous as I can find.

Advice for current/prospective students?

Don’t be shy around the faculty, or fellow students for that matter. We have some amazing people in the department that can really help you along and hook you up with cool projects. Talk to them, make friends with them; they’re great!


CCS is reaching out to recent graduates (undergrad and grad) to get a better sense of life after UNO. This will be an ongoing feature of our blog so stay tuned! If you are a recent graduate and would like to be feature, email us at Answer two questions. What’s next for you? and What advice do you have for current/prospective students?


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