Nice turnout for the still-unnamed student association’s first meeting!

On October 1, 2008, at least 20 students showed up for the first meeting of the incipient student association.

Marla Nelson officiated and kicked the meeting off by describing what the student group has done in the past and what direction our new group could choose.

For those of you that were unable to make the meeting, here is what went down:

  • We didn’t elect anyone to any offices yet, since it was discovered that Urban Studies students did not receive the email announcing the meeting. In the spirit of democracy, we decided to wait to elect any sort of officers. Many students spoke on the need for wide participation in the new group, and some stressed that responsibilities should not be in the hands of just one person, or a group of five, or whatever other limited arrangement.
  • Michael Powers and Matt Mourning did accept the only half-serious “interim co-president” title just to maintain the blog and keep communication with everyone until the organization is farther along.
  • You  guessed it: since we didn’t choose officers, we didn’t choose a name yet either! Be thinking of a name!
  • We did decide that there would be committees–something along the lines of an “Events” or “Social” Committee, an APA representative (from both the state and the Metro branches), and a president. Michael Powers suggested a total of four committees (and a head of each), and one president, for five people with votes, the president being the tie-breaker. We haven’t crossed the Rubicon yet, so don’t think this isn’t up for discussion still!
  • As a group, we want to bring people together socially and academically. This blog, for example, was discussed. We intend this blog to be a site for all sorts of social events, academic events, and a hybrid of those two. If you were recently published in a newspaper, journal, magazine, etc., drop an email to! If you want to tell everyone about an upcoming meeting–large or small–send an email to! If you want fellow students to experience the wonders of your neighborhood’s art or farmers’ market, shoot over a quick email to! We will put it on the site for all to see and digest. By the way, that email is!
  • We will be hosting social events as past organizations have done. But we also want to include a service component, and maybe even “comparative urban analysis” trips. What do we mean? Well, how about going to Houma to assist in their recovery from Hurricane Gustav and Ike? Or Galveston? Or right in our backyard in Jean Lafitte? Anything is possible. Want to explore fellow river cities Memphis and St. Louis next summer? Or take a trek over to the first New Urbanist town, Seaside, Florida? Nothing is off the table right now. It’s all up to you.
  • We might seek the avenue of going “official” with the UNO Student Government, which would open up the opportunity for funding.

There’s more that we discussed at the meeting. But if you want any more details, please don’t hesitate–nay, you must–email this blog at

That’s all for now!


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