Less Waste, More Life Forum


Thursday, October 16, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

The Less Waste Forum is a time to share and discuss your ideas and concerns regarding waste, landfills, methods to reduce, reuse & recycle, the pros & cons of recycling, when to purge or downsize, and local reuse/recycling resources. This will be a potluck meeting every 3rd Thursday at The Green Project warehouse. Please bring a dish to share and your own utensils, plate, cup and cloth napkin. We also ask that you bring your own pen and notebook. We want to avoid using handouts.

It is important that the Less Waste Forum be New Orleans-centric, maintaining an open and constructive dialog among its members, and be supportive, encouraging and fun as each member works on his or her individual efforts to be less wasteful. For more information, please contact Karen Kempf, The Green Project’ Environmental Education Coordinator, at kkempf@thegreenproject.org or 504-945-0240.


More than 200 come out for the Master Plan kick-off

The first city-wide master plan forum was widely considered a success. Thanks to all the Privateers who came out to facilitate and contribute to the discussion.

Rosie Lacy, Lisa Kamuf, Michael Powers, Matthew Mourning and Jenna Burke

Left to Right: Rosie Lacy, Lisa Kamuf, Michael Powers, Matthew Mourning and Jenna Burke

Details about future forums can be found at WWW.NOLAMASTERPLAN.ORG

First comprehensive zoning meeting to be held at Xavier University on Saturday

Saturday, September 27th is a big day for the city of New Orleans, but it’s an even bigger day for planners.


It marks the beginning of a citywide planning process that will shape future development in the city of New Orleans! This is something few planning students get a chance to be a part of.


 Volunteers are needed. Come out and be a part of history!


 “Citywide Forum 1″

Time: 8:30am- 3pm.

Location: Xavier University

1 Drexel Dr. The Wm McCaffrey Ballroom, Room 308

Contact: 504-658-7033

City Planning Commission,  if you would like to volunteer.





What’s in a name?

Professor Marla Nelson, director of the Master’s in Urban Planning graduate program and faculty advisor to our yet to be named association, will soon be reaching out to all students to drum up interest in reviving the PLUS student organization. 

Details about the first official meeting will be sent out at that time.

In the meantime, be brainstorming. We need a name!  That will  be our first order of business…

Here are some ideas that have been thrown around so far…..

A-PLUSS, Association of Planners and Urban Studies Students

or should we stay away from acronyms?

UrbaNOphiles–name says it all.

Tell us what you think!